Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mom and Dad's Visit

My parents decided to make a trek across the states and came for a visit. They stopped at Mount Rushmore on their way and took a couple pictures.

Their first stop was with Steve and his family in Wyoming.

They stopped at my place next. They arrived on Tuesday June 10th. My dad came in and parked himself in a chair and stayed there.

On their first day my mom and I went and got a few groceries and brought back lunch. We spent that day visiting at home. The next day we went to a couple of malls and shopped, then brought home Chinese food. On Thursday we went to The Living Planet Aquarium and did a little more shopping.
Sadly on Friday the 13th they left and headed to see John and his family.

It was a great visit and I am so glad they came and aren’t waiting until next summer.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Dead Sea Scrolls

Today Lynn and I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Leonardo. It was really interesting to read about how two thousand years ago, in the Judean desert, on the northern shores of the Dead Sea, a group of people placed their religious writings in eleven remote caves, never returning to retrieve them. They are said to be the oldest existing copies of the Hebrew Bible. There were passages from Deuteronomy, Leviticus, Samuel, Isaiah, Psalms, and Enoch. There were also scrolls on war and the New Jerusalem. They showed the scrolls and then had the writings next to it so you could read what they were able to interpret. The process of caring for them seems tedious and pain staking. There were also actual clay pottery used by the Israelites, pieces of stone that showed detailed architecture from homes, and textiles that were amazing in detail, small bits of colored glass that created signs, flooring, and pictures. It was a fun night. We stopped at crown burger on the way home. I am excited for the next exhibit.

Monday, March 31, 2014

What Now?

It’s the end of March, March 31st to be exact, and I really thought that I would of heard from the review board by now on whether I got an interview for the Radiology program. I was getting ready to call the school today just to check on the progress of things but then I got the e-mail…

Dear Cindi
Thank you for your application to the Radiological Technology Program. The Admissions Committee has reviewed your application and found one or more of the required application prerequisites/requirements has not been fulfilled. We are sorry to inform you that you have not been selected and are no longer being considered to start the program in fall 2014.

I was devastated and disappointed and I cried. I have been working so long for this and I am failing. After I started to calm down a little I kept going over the letter in my mind and after a few minutes I thought wait… why didn’t I get chosen? So I read the e-mail again and thought there is no way I missed any part of the application process. Well I photo copy everything so I went back through everything I did and sent in and rechecked the schools web site that lists the requirements and everything was there so I got a little hopeful, THEY may have made a mistake.

I called the school and asked to talk to someone about my application and they said they won’t discuss it over the phone that I would have to make an appointment and go in and see someone in person. Great sign me up.

April 2, 2014
So today is my appointment to talk to the counselor about my application. I took everything with me and even thought to go get an official sealed transcripts from UVU because I started to think it was the anatomy class that I took this last summer that may have been over looked. I was fifteen minutes early for my appointment and she was thirty minutes late because she was coming from another campus. We went into her office and I told her about the e-mailed I received and thought there might be a mistake because I was sure everything was there. She went and found my application and looked through everything and then got on the computer and looked through my transcripts and said that it was because my anatomy grade was outside the 5 year time frame. I explained that I retook the class this summer and resubmitted my transcripts for review in September (I had dates for all that too). She looked again and found it and said she needed to talk to the head of admissions so I waited in her office for almost thirty minutes. The office was pretty empty no decorations, just a few books, a computer, and her business cards. I looked at the business cards and felt I should take one so I did and put it in my envelope with all my other papers.

She finally came back and said she had good and bad news then stated that “with your grades and test scores you would have definitely gotten an interview but unfortunately the transcripts office didn’t enter your transcripts correctly and we weren’t able to find the new grade for the anatomy class”. She told me that unfortunately there was nothing they could do for me this year that all the interviews have taken place and all the students have been chosen and notified for the program this fall and that I should make sure the transcripts office corrects their mistake before I reapply next year. I was hesitant to accept that because it is a really big deal that I spent all that time and money to apply to their program and the mistakes is theirs so how is it that I just have to accept this and reapply next year? I am also a little nervous and don’t know how hard to push the issue. It is a bigger deal though than for them to just say sorry try again. As I was leaving I stopped at the main offices to talk to someone in the transcripts office but they are at another campus so I got the phone number and came home feeling a little defeated. I am not quite sure how to deal with this.

When I got home I called the transcript office and got a really nice girl and explained my situation to her and asked what she can do to reenter my transcripts so that I don’t have the same issue if I decide to reapply. This very nice girl explained to me that there was nothing wrong with how my transcripts were entered. When they get transcripts from other schools for students they scan them and they are available under the students number. I have sent them transcripts from UVU twice and they are entered under the dates they were scanned into the computer. She went on to tell me that there is nowhere for them to enter specific classes and scores and if the review board wants them to do something different she told me to give them her name and have them call her so the transcripts office knows exactly what the review board wants. She ended by saying “I am sorry to do this but I am going to put it back on the review board, that it is there mistake. They have to have overlooked something because all your transcripts are in the computer and they could have accessed them.” I thanked her for her help and hung up.

April 3, 2014
Today I decided to call the counselor that I met with yesterday and tell her about my conversation with the transcripts office. I was really glad that I took her business card and I was hoping that I had a direct number to reach her so I would be able to talk to her over the phone. When I called I still got a receptionist who informed me that there are no interviews over the phone so I told him that I already had an interview and that I was calling to follow up on some instructions she gave me. He said I would still have to come in to see her so I asked if I could leave a message and let her decide if she would call me back and he was okay with that. So I explained everything to him then told him about my conversation with the transcripts office. He said he’d give her the message. So I thanked him and hung up. If I don’t hear back from her in a day I will call back and make another appointment to go in and see her.

April 4, 2014
Well today passed by without a return call from the counselor so I was getting ready to call and make an appointment to go back in and see her what around 3 pm she did actually call me back. She said she had been in a meeting all day with the head of admissions and then the two of them had a meeting with the dean of the department about my situation. She admitted that it was their (the review boards) mistake that they did not look far enough into my transcripts to see that I had retaken the anatomy class. She again apologized for this egregious error on their part but that unfortunately they still could not do anything for me this school year but they are going to roll over my application to next year and I don’t have to reapply or pay any new fees. Well I guess that is something but it still feels like I was cheated out of an opportunity because the review board was not respectful enough to fully look through my application. I thanked her for calling me back but still feel like I should insist on more but I am not sure what and I am still unsure on how hard to push things. Maybe there is some reason why this happened and maybe I will never know what that is but how I deal with it is important and may be defining for me. For now I am accepting what happened and waiting for ANOTHER year.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sleeping at New Heights

So Lynn made me a four post bed frame in December of 2000. It fits a full bed perfectly it’s beautiful and I love it. In November 2010 I got a queen size bed but I really want to keep the bed frame because I love it so much. So Lynn said he would figure out a way to adjust it to fit the queen mattress. Well luckily enough the head board and base board are 60 inches exactly which is the width of a queen size bed. So he just needs to think of a way to make the side rails so the box spring won’t slide off and so it is pretty (so it looks nice according to Lynn because he takes pride in the work he does). Well after bringing up the subject a couple times a year since 2010 he made me some new side rails for Christmas.
The first time he made it I asked for it to be raised up a little more than the average height of a bed for storage space under the bed and I still wanted the storage space.
Before the bed sat down inside the rails but because the bed is wider now they are going to have to sit on top of the rails which is going to make the bed even higher if I want the space underneath the bed. Today we put the bed frame back together and I am very excited to have it all finished again. It will take a couple of nights to get used to the height I have to use a step stool now to get into it. I LOVE it! Lynn does amazing work and I am thankful he shares his talent with me.

The bed in 2000, the box spring is covered by the side rails

The bed in 2013, the box spring in sitting on top the edge of the side rails

The small addition to keep the box spring in place

The stool I used to help me get into bed

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The BEST Christmas Eve

So I hope recording this on here doesn’t take away from the how truly meaningful today was for us because today really was one of the best days of my life. Awhile ago Lynn and I were talking about signing up to do sub for Santa. When we called though they didn’t have any families left they get them all assigned early and require all gifts to be given to the families by December 21st so the parents don’t have to worry about it. Well we were disappointed but thought how great it was that so many other people were helping that there wasn’t any families in need. So we decided that we would just find an angel off the angel trees in the stores and take care of one of them.

Well today at about 11 am the sub for Santa people called and said they had a last minute call for a family in need and wanted to know if we would be able to help. We said of course and had to get to work because it is the day before Christmas and the stores close at 6 pm tonight. So we got the e-mail telling us about the family. It was a family of 6, dad, mom, 11 year old boy, 10 year old girl, 1 year old boy, and 3 month old girl. The notes on the family told us that the dad had an accident which required surgery on his eye so he would be out of work for the recovery and that they had a unplanned pregnancy but were still so happy to have her so money was tight. So we looked over the e-mail and each child needed 3 clothing items, asked for 2 toys, and a book.

The 10 year old girl asked for a monster high wolf doll which was the only specific toy asked for so while I was waiting for Lynn to come get me I called around to see who had on in stock. The Target in American Fork had 5 so that is where we started. Things were pretty picked over but we were actually able to get almost everything at target. We got the doll, legos, Disney cars toys, hot wheels, the babies toys, nail polish, pants for all the kids, and a couple shirts for the boys. We also go wrapping paper, tape, and candy. I am not going to say how much we spent but Target is awesome and EVERYTHING was on sale and we were so surprised at the total.

We still had things to get so next we went to Michaels to get an art kit for the 11 year old boy. We found a really nice one that was 50% off so we got him some sketch pads too which I had coupons for but they were also on sale. Next we went to Kohls because the 10 year old girl needed a jacket. I was surprised but they didn’t have any in her size. We did find a really nice throw for the mom and a shirt for the girl and a shirt for one of the boys all on sale and we had a extra % off coupon.

Next we went to Gordman’s to look for that coat and found a really nice one for under 25 dollars. So we had everything except the books and it was five o’clock so we went to Seagulls but the one in American Fork didn’t have anything and it was after five now so we hurried to Barnes and Nobles in Orem and made it there by ten to six. We asked for assistance to find things quickly and four books. We checked out a little after six all the stores were closing but we had everything from our list. Lynn had bought himself some tools and they were in the trunk so he decided to give them for the dad. We made bags for each member of the family and called and told them we were bringing the stuff over. Only the mom was home so we took it all in and told her which bag was for who, she hugged us and we could tell how appreciative she was (she didn’t speak English) and we left.

I was a little nervous earlier today wondering if we were going to have enough time to get everything we needed and if it would be so crazy out that we would get caught up in crowds and be stressed but as we drove home we reflected on the day and were truly amazed at how everything we needed was available, easily found, and check outs were super fast which made it possible to get to many places. We also actually had a budget that we were hoping to stay under and again were so amazed at what we were able to get with the amount we had. It was the most amazing day and I would love to spend Christmas Eve doing this every year. I am truly grateful for the experience and opportunity I had to serve today.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making Christmas

For Christmas every year I tried to find something I can make for gifts. Luckily Lynn so graciously cuts all kinds of wood for me so I don’t have to go out and buy it which saves me a ton. I made these Merry Christmas block signs this year and nativity ornaments which I did have to buy clothes pins for but I got 100 of them on Amazon for 11 dollars. Lynn of course had to cut some of those too for the baby. He is awesome. I made them in two batches the first time I put 15 of them together and in getting the process down cut my fingers a lot on the wire and burned them a bit with the hot glue. The second batch of 18 I had a routine down and it went faster and without injury. They turned out really good and look a lot better in person than in the picture. It’s a really simple fast and inexpensive gift and everyone really liked them. I hope I can find something as nice for next year.

The Merry Christmas blocks

The nativity ornaments

I also made this folder with activities to do the 12 days before Christmas to help keep the spirit of Christ at the Center of my Christmas

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday

So I really don’t care for black Friday. I like looking through the ads but never really find anything great in them. Usually if you pay attention you can find better sales throughout the year than on that one day. This year though I did find some things I could use from Joanne’s craft store. I will not though get up and go out and fight the crowds I really don’t think the savings is worth the aggravation not to mention I always here of people getting hurt. Just not worth it. Plus when I usually do find something I want it is always online for the same sale price. So I always check online first. Well today I wanted to go to Joanne’s but I didn’t want to go alone so I asked Lynn if he found anything he was interested in the ads and he kind of did so he agreed to go shopping with me. We still wait till later in the afternoon to avoid as much of the crowds as possible and we got everything we were looking for, yah! We stopped at Zupa’s for dinner then took our treasures home.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Applying for RAD Tech Program

So I am applying for a radiology program and I have a check list of things to accomplish to be eligible to apply. First I had to retake anatomy at UVU because it has been five years since I had the class and even though I have been a student teaching assistant for the past six years the grade for the class has to be within a five year period of time. So reluctantly I took the class. It was actually pretty hard to go from being a STA to being a student in the class again. Most of the summer STA’s didn’t know me and I have to say I became annoyed with them quite easily. I felt bad and tried to be more patient but unfortunately I found it difficult. I am fine if someone doesn’t know something but the thing that really irritates me is when they make things up instead of saying I don’t know or trying to find out what they don’t know. Anyway I made it through the 7 week course and got my A. anatomy grade, check. Cost $1,077.00

Another requirement is to get a background check done. They have a specific company they want you to go through so you are given a link and a code but I could not get to the site. Something on my computer was blocking it and I could not figure it out. So I called my mom and she got on the site and together we well she filled in the spaces. This was a very long process and took a little longer because my poor mom is losing her eye site so the computer screen poses a challenge. We managed to finish and pay for the background check and now to wait and see what kind of trouble I have been into. I got it back and no surprise they found nothing that would restrict me from being eligible to be a medical worker. So background check, check. Cost $45.00
Another requirement is to take and pass the HESI (Health Education System, Inc.) Admissions Assessment Exam with at least a 75% grade. So I signed up and bought the study guide. The exam I took covered anatomy, physiology, reading comprehension, grammar, math, and vocabulary. It also requires you to take a personality test and a learning style test at the end. I was extremely nervous about this test because everyone says it is so hard and impossible to pass. So I studied like crazy and just prayed I was prepared. And amazingly enough I did awesome passing with a 93% overall. The proctor was impressed and said I rocked it that straight A students usually don’t get higher than a 78% overall. So yah me. So the personality test said I was creative/people and the learning style test said I was kinesthetic/analytical. So HESI exam, check. Cost 85.00 for test and 45.00 for the study guide.

The next requirement is to be CPR certified. I already am but it expires in March 2014 and that is when they will be in the process of considering candidates for the program so I need to recertify before I send in the application. So I signed up and took the online class work and test then had to attend a 3 hour class for the practical experience which I did on November 25. CPR certified, check. Cost $110.00.

The next requirements are immunizations. Yah shots, who doesn’t love being poked with needles and having the privilege of paying for the torture too. So I had to get a flu shot $24.00, a PPD test $18.00, Tdap which I have and it is not time for a booster yet, a MMR which I have, a Hep B series which I have, and a varicella (chicken pox) which I don’t have and is $210.00 to get. I did find out that I can get a blood test for $27.00 to see if I am immune to chicken pox and if I am I don’t need to get the vaccine but I have to prove immunity first so I opted for the cheaper blood test hoping I have immunity and luckily I do because we were not entirely sure I had chicken pox when I was little. My mom said I had a slight fever and two little red spots. So pretty mild case of chicken pox, not bad for lifelong immunity. So immunizations check. total cost $69.00.

Other requirements are to apply to the school and be accepted as a student, check. cost $25.00. Have my transcripts sent over for review, check. cost $5.00. And other classes that I had to have taken before I apply are English 2010, Math 1010, Communication 1010, and Introduction to radiology 1010. Done, done, done, and done. The last two things I had to do was write a one page essay on my work experience in health care/customer service and apply to the program. Check and check. cost $25.00.

Total Cost to apply $1441.00+some, getting accepted priceless. Now all I have to do is wait. Keep your fingers crossed.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Alpine Loop

So Lynn and I were talking and he learned that I had never been on the Alpine Loop before which surprised him a lot. So tonight he called and asked if I wanted to go for a drive. Well of course I did. So we drove the Alpine Loop. He went off the main road onto some other roads and he showed me other roads I could take my four wheel drive on and he also pointed out trails to hike. It was starting to get dark but we made it to cascade springs and walked the trail. We got back to the car just as it got pretty dark and finished the drive. The trees really haven’t changed color yet so he said we could drive it again. It was a nice drive anyway.