Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mom and Dad's Visit

My parents decided to make a trek across the states and came for a visit. They stopped at Mount Rushmore on their way and took a couple pictures.

Their first stop was with Steve and his family in Wyoming.

They stopped at my place next. They arrived on Tuesday June 10th. My dad came in and parked himself in a chair and stayed there.

On their first day my mom and I went and got a few groceries and brought back lunch. We spent that day visiting at home. The next day we went to a couple of malls and shopped, then brought home Chinese food. On Thursday we went to The Living Planet Aquarium and did a little more shopping.
Sadly on Friday the 13th they left and headed to see John and his family.

It was a great visit and I am so glad they came and aren’t waiting until next summer.

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